We are the Manufactures of advanced filament winding equipment. A complete provider of filament winders, extractors, Calibration/Grinding Machines, Rotators, Ovens, programming software, and optional equipment. Provides installation, onsite training and test winding services. SVS has contributed to the advancement of composites by providing innovative and cost-effective filament winding equipment solutions to customers.

We develop, manufacture and support a wide variety of advanced filament winding equipment with a proven track record for quality, service and price.


SVSHPL strives to help and develop processes and designs to keep the composite industry moving forward. SVSHPL feels that by training and delivering the best machinery on the market, we can help grow the composite industry worldwide. If we cannot help with our years of knowledge in this industry, we can certainly send a customer in the right direction. We do not try to sell machinery or services to every customer. We try to help evaluate production requirements and investment payoffs.

  • Filament Winding Machine
  • Curing Stations
  • Mandrel Extractors
  • Calibration / Grinding Machines 
  • Hydro Testers  

Filament Winding Machine:

Backed with rich experience & knowledge, we are considered to be one of the most professional manufacturers of Filament Winding Machine. 
Curing Stations:

This Machine Is Specially Used In the Grp Pipe Product Line For Making The Inner Liner Layer or Structural Layer of Pipe For Solidifying. The Drive Head of Curing Station Rotates The Pipe Mould, Which Has Finished Its Inner Liner or Structure Layer, To Avoid Resin Flowing Down. The Infrared Heating Board Which Are Equipped Beside Heats The Inner Liner Or Structure Layer to Accelerate For Solidifying.

Mandrel Extractors:
We offer Pipe Extractor. This Pipe extractor is available as per the client specifications.
Calibration / Grinding Machines:

This machine is specially used in the GRP pipe product line for calibrating the joint of GRP pipe.
Hydro testers: 
We offer custom built Hydro Tester which is used for pressure testing of pipes, valves and other special purpose tests. Manufactured as per the industry standards, these can be provided to our clients in customized sizes and specifications as per their requirements.